Collection 'Wooshi World Merch' created by BLAZINGZOOMER is ready for review!

Wooshi World Merch

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Wooshi World Cap

Wooshi World Sweatpants

Wooshi World Hoodie

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@BLAZINGZOOMER Hey, I have reviewed and they’re good to go BUT you’ve set the hat to ‘hair’ slot. If you can change that to ‘hat’ we should be good for approval on the technical side!

Can you also sent proof of Wooshi publishing permission to


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Fixed and sent thank you!

@BLAZINGZOOMER Legal confirmed, approved! :slight_smile:

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Hello Malloy,
I blew it i think. I changed the name of the snowboard in my basik collection and now it says it needs to be approved again, before it can be sold or minted.
thank you for your patience!