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WonderZone Season 5 Wearables

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WZ Yasei Ronin Hat

WZ Yasei Ronin Torso

WZ Yasei Ronin Legs

WZ WonderChad

WZ Monkey Head

WZ Horse Head

WZ Discord Mod Head

WZ Discord Mod Torso

WZ Discord Mod Legs

WZ Wonder-Aura

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Will check this collection now!

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Please only display wearables that are included on the thumbnails.

-Make sure the Ronin thumbnails only display wearables included and not other pieces.

-Please add the following to hides:
Mask- Hide helmet
Helmets- Hide mask, eyewear, hair, hat. (Chad and Mod are good to keep hair and hat)

-Mod lower body seems to have some leg weighting on the seam area. Make sure there is no leg weighting and weight it 100% to the hip bone.

Okay, which one are you referring to?

Are you talking about the hides? If so then Horse and ape. :grin:

wow, these are so money LOL, props to WZ team! :laughing:

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they’re really giving @AaronLeupp a run for his money with this one


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lol yes Waifumon shirt will always be the first, but if anyone else gonna do this too happy it is WonderZone. Also think its funny that @Peanutbutta has legit said whats on that shirt to me at least twice so we def gotta make sure he gets one of thesae too.

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I should have enough coins to mint :wink:


lol epic. -----------

Okay thanks for the feedback. It should all be fixed now, let me know if there’s anything else :slight_smile:

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Hey @Chestnutbruze please make sure to include the hands from wrist to fingers in the handwear file, delete the mesh from the upper bodies and hide hands for it.

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Hey @Yannakis
Okay I have now edited the torso’s so they do not have hands included.
As for the handwear file it is supposed to be a handwear_accessory not a replacement so it doesn’t require to include the hands in model file, atleast according to documentation. Please correct me if I’m wrong

That’s correct. The reason I asked is because since all/most upper bodies hide the hands now, what’s shown in the thumbnail won’t be accurate and only the aura will be visible with no hands underneath.
Let me know if you decide to add the hands. Collection approved! :partying_face:

hello, @Yannakis I just made a small update to some overrides in the collection, could you reapprove it ?

Changes approved! @Chestnutbruze