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WonderZone Season 1 Wearables

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WZ Mini Me

WZ Headless

WZ Horror Head

WZ S1 Galaxy Sneakers

WZ Murasaki Ronin Hat

** WZ Murasaki Ronin Torso**

WZ Murasaki Ronin Legs

WZ Marcel Mask

WZ Rugged Cowboy Hat

WZ Wizard Hat

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

can you set hide facial hair on the horror head mask

There will be a discussion soon with curators about posed static arms like you have here so i will have to hold out on approving this collection till after then (this coming Tuesday) because as its set we cant accept such models but this may change after said meeting. I will also need to discuss the mini me and headless model with them too

please also try get closer to the tri limits with these items

Hey @Sango

Thank you for your feedback!

We are working on reducing the triangle count on some of the wearables to the best of our ability.

Regarding the discussion about static arms, mini me and headless wearable,

We are working on a collection of ronins with a variety of poses, and the default DCL pose will not allow us to wield a blade, or pose in an interesting manner without making the arms static. I will also mention that the murasaki is missing an arm and thats a core part of the character design. Having a strict limit on static arms will negatively affect wearable diversity and creativity.

The “headless” and “mini me” are fun novelty wearables, I would like to hear a rational argument/reason as to why these can´t be accepted.

The “mini me” is skinned with static arms cause its not possible to skin it properly to the normal skeleton because of the big size difference. The skinning of the legs are also limited with the difference in proportions, but i think the end result is a very funny wearable, not supposed to be taken very seriously, and it works as intended.

I hope you will share our point of view in the discussion tomorrow,



The meeting just concluded and we can accept the headless, but we cannot accept the mini me or the upper body with static arms. The reason for this is that it will restrict item use in the future

If you could make amendments to address these issue that would be great

Thanks Sango, I appreciate the reason and that is definitely a valid point.
Would it be possible to let this pass for now and then update the skinning in the future when handheld item use is enabled? Its currently not possible to achieve the ronin pose (or the mini me character) if I skin the arms. Before item use is enabled, skinning the arms will be a downgrade and compromise on the design, but enabling handheld items and animation overrides in the future would fix this.