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WLDFNGZ - Life in New Fang City

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** Grillz Gang Mask**

Fangsters After Dark Balaclava

Fangster Jumpsuit

Legend of the Oni Fang Outfit

Hey DCL fam, I worked on this so feel free to let me know of any changes or updates for approval!


Hey, will review this now :slight_smile:

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  1. There is a small clipping on the chest on this one, true for the male representation only. It’s not a big deal, but due to the item being in dark color, it’s pretty prominent sometimes. Check the attached screens. You can reproduce it by playing falling, dancing and walking animations:

  1. Some facial hair styles clip through the mask. You might want to update the hides category, but it’s only a couple of beards\mustaches involved, so if it was the artistic choice to leave the beards not hidden, I would go with it :slight_smile:

  2. Legs clip through this one during some animations. I think it’s possible to negate the issue by rigging bottom of the hoodie to upper legs a litttle bit more. True for both representation.


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Thanks @AndreusAs !
Male After Dark has been update to fix that small clipping~

Grillz weren’t meant to have facial hair :sweat_smile:

Hoodie has just had a bit more weighting from the legs to help with movement!
Let me know how it goes~

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Goes just right :slight_smile: Approved!

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Thank you! :love_you_gesture:


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