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Chatty Hat

Haunted Hat - Gold Edition

Tek Wand



More in my WIZ-GARB collection for approval

The Lambo Broom - ‘Which Broom’ called this the lamborghini of floating broom technology. With Custom Tek-Pants. Hides feet.

Decentraland_-_Google_Chrome_2022-01-29_17-19-17_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress_SparkVideo (1)

The Haunted Hat - Wizard legend says this hat can read thoughts, tells a pretty good joke and boosts your Mana/Magic level by 150%. Hides Hair


The Haunted Hat - Gold Edition - similar to the Standard edition but this hat was dipped in a river of pure liquid gold - giving the wearer Bling+


The Tek-Wand - For cyber wizards and witches. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi enabled. Syncs to the Tek-Broom for enhanced location services and satellite


Happy Wizarding Folks

Nice. Go very well with a project I’m working on

Be careful with size restrictions, IP infringement and misleading market previews :pray:



@michi Size restrictions? I am familiar with the HP hat - and we deliberately made it a new thing with enough differences to not infringe on an IP. It is at the end of the day just a hat with a face on it and very different from the HP world hat.

What do you mean by misleading market previews - All previews/marketplace images were taken directly from in-game/in-builder?

@michi - ok I see the problem you had with snuffles/Dogman - Glad to see you got it approved eventually. I work in the film industry as a prop/weapon designer & maker and often have to run everything we make via IP lawyers for Lucasfilm/WB/Disney etc.

30% difference/alterations is the standard rule for IP - you would be amazed at what gets by.

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Thats awesome :v:
When I said misleading thumbnail, flagging that product preview needs to show 50% of the category item. Tiara/Wand category

@michi Hmm - The image seemed to be fine on my previous wand submission and was approved.

The wings/Tiara thing you show there is a whole other problem - I have another ‘wings’ set that is in review hell at the moment (see my ROBO-WINGS) . People are buying wings because they are wings, not Tiaras (and everyone loves wings!!) but the rules say they have to show the Tiara as the main object in the profile - seems like that is more misleading to buyers than anything.

I am struggling to understand why the insistance on having a tiara with a set of wings other than the fact there is not enough categories to assign ‘other’ wearables to. Many people want the wings without a Tiara

Would make more sense to me to change the Tiara category to just ‘extras’ or something so creators can make wearables outside of the defined category (which they are already doing) and have somewhere to put it without restrictions - would make much more sense down the line if they want to encourage creativity in the community - the users of DCL clearly love an accessory!

edit - Just put my money where my mouth is and submitted to the DAO an idea along these lines. Tiara category is currently a free-for all and I feel like it would make life much easier if we acknowledged that and changed it to something more broader-ranging/accepting

I am sure the DCL guys and moderators are putting way more thought into this than me so I hope I am not annoying anyone by saying all this - What do I know!

Also @michi - congrats on becoming a MOD - I see the DAO has nominated you

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Thank you so much and yes!
That’s such a good idea for creators to be able to submit ‘extra’ accessories from pets, wings, wands or whatever! Rather than creating a category specificity for each item type it opens up the options for creativity. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Haha sorry if I’ve spammed your post, really great designs. Look forward to what else you create!

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Reviewing your items now!

Looking at the hate, I think your still to close to copy harry potter depiction of a talking hat. Removing the face made of folds would keep you safe from infringement.

Hi @DuckiezKing - thanks for looking - removing the face basically removes the whole point of the hat.

I work with IP lawyers a lot in my job (I even worked on the Harry Potter movies!) and a 30% change is what is required usually - I feel like I have already done more than that by changing the overall shape of the hat, changed the face considerably, added a belt etc. I made sure I changed everything significantly with this in mind.

Is the full-face removal a final decision or it wont be passed or is there anything I can do there or a compromise? I notice you had a similar issue with your transformers/gundam type suit (which I love btw) and they allowed you to pass it with an email to legal - is that an option?

Removing the face kind of ruins the whole idea. Will do whatever is required of course


Let me have a talk with the rest of the team and I’ll get back. Thanks!

Yeah after talking about it your going to have to change the face on the hat.

Hi @DuckiezKing - have removed the face features now but kept some of the creases to keep it looking slightly ‘Haunted’ - Hope that is enough of a difference now. Thanks

Ok, I say that is a good compromise. Be sure to do the same to the gold and update the thumbnails. Let me know when you complete that!

Thanks, I had already updated gold and all profiles before the last post I made

Collection approved, great work! Can’t wait to see your next collection!