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Broomstick [Rideable]

TEK BROOM Broomstick [Rideable]

Magic Wand


My WIZ-GARB Broomstick collection. Rideable broomsticks - standard broom and the TEK-BROOM for modern day tek-wizarding requirements.

Wizrad-Wand - As described. Essential for any card-carrying wizard

Brooms - Played around with having the arms fixed in position on the broom handle but it does not look great if you want to keep aniamtion functionality and meant keeping Upper Body options for the user.

Also the emotes look far too good to have the Upper Body fixed - see gifs!

DCL mods - any chance one day we might get options to edit the locomotions/walk animations? Would be great to be able to turn off/down the arm swings

Enjoy Wizards!

Decentraland_-_Google_Chrome_2022-01-17_12-54-38_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress_SparkVideo (1)

Decentraland_-_Google_Chrome_2022-01-17_12-48-48_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress_SparkVideo (1)


Nice! Wen Quidditch? xD


Ahahah very original. You are bringing Hogwarts to dcl xD


Thanks - someone needs to build an arena!

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Man - I need a broomstick in my DCL life now! nice work


That is cool. Will go great with a project I’m working on


This is great !!! We need a P2E now with these !

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always love wizard stuff. booms cauldrons bottles etc.<3

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OMG. I need these! Amazing work.

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Great idea! Can’t wait to fly the Nimbus 2000 ;).

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I have modelled a Nimbus with the foot-posts but unfortunately I think this gets a bit too close to Wizarding-World copyrights

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Oh wow. That looks amazing!

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Don’t say the H word! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hello there @CRU5HED will have a look at this today

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hello @MetaWear and @CRU5HED I have reviewed and notice the similarities between them as you say, before approving I want to have a talk with both you;
The wearables on both collections are ready to go, so we can do several things:

  1. if you dont mind the similarities (for me both brooms look different enought on detail level) I will approve both collection without changes.

  2. If on the contrary you dont want this then, the one put the wearable on a later date (metawear on the 20 Jan) will have to change the model, in this case the pants look cool and don’t need changes but the broom needs to change it’s shape

Please let me know which option you prefer, as I could read in this thread I believe this can be solved fast, but I wanted to give you some options

(both brooms look different enough)


This is so cool! I love it!!

Thanks for the review in both, and as we said in our thread there are some similarities, but I think it is different enough (except for the broom which comes close, but a broom is a broom😅) from my part it is good to go, but let’s give @CRU5HED the call on it since his collection was first.

Hey @Lauretta @MetaWear - Brooms for everyone! I am totally fine with it to approve all on my part. A Broom is a broom!

If anything and to give me a chance over Meta’s well deserved huge following - maybe give me an extra day or two in the store before approving Meta as mine was 4/5 days earlier but otherwise, I am good with it.

Thanks for taking it into consideration


That is fine by me and fair to you :slight_smile: