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Queen Lavender

Will check this wearable now

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Make sure you hide the lower body

Hello thanks for your remarks. Please let me know what exactly I have to do? I mean the steps. (it’s a dress).
Thank you

You have to go back to the collection page on the builder, click preview in editor and add lower body to the list that says “Hides” like shown in the picture below

Thank you! I did it and now it’s published!!!

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Looks like there’s some clipping on with the legs going through the dress and also a gap inside the dress that has to be filled

Thanks, I will work on them and resubmitted.

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How to make changes and how to resubmitted? (without of course pay again the fee of 150 usd) :slight_smile:

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Click on the pencil and drop the file!

Please check now! I think that is ok! :slight_smile:

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gaps are fixed but the clipping is still there and very visible when running. you can click on “see in world” at the top of the collection page and try it out.

I tried everything but the clipping persisted. Any ideas please on what I have to check?

Probably needs more geometry in the middle. Try adding a loop on both sides left and right of the midle edge

If I do this the polygon count will go over than 3000.

What about making a cut in the middle so each side moves with the according leg

Hello Yannakis, I think that now is ok as I checked it also inside a world. Please check. Thank you!

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Hello, can you please update me on this?

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Looks great. Approving now!