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Wisher Vodka

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Wisher Vodka T-Shirt

Hello @bokkeh !

Few things! Please reduce your triangle count the current limit is 1500 tris for an upper body wearable!

Second if you could reduce one of your textures as well that would be great! We are only allowed 2 Textures other than the avatar skin and you are currently at 3.

Lastly if you could send our legal department consent from Wisher Vodka for using this logo! Their email is!:slight_smile: Thank you! Once this is done please @ me again here and ill take another look:)

And also if you could adjust your thumbnail to be in the center of the frame that would be perfect:)

Hi @HirotoKai

We have updated the wearable and submitted the legal consent.

Let us know if you need further requirements.


@bokkeh !! Thank you!! Approved!!