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Wisher IRL

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Wisher Hat

Wisher Boots


Will check these soon!

Actually tris are good since it includes lower body too. Please change thumbnail to include whole wearable.

WISHER!!! Excited for your entire team at WisherVodka :innocent:

Updated!!! Let me know if that works

Thanks so much! <3 so excited to be here!

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Hello @Yannakis , can you make sure this item is not a declination of my Bfl cowboy hat? not accusing anyone, but i just find that it look quite a lot the same, considering the fact that Wisher Vodka contacted me few months ago to make a collaboration that unfortunately i had to refuse due to a lack of time, i just want to make sure nothing shady is going around here :slight_smile: thank you!!

Capture d’écran 2022-04-13 à 23.18.43

Capture d’écran 2022-04-13 à 23.27.04
Capture d’écran 2022-04-13 à 23.26.52


Ouch, that is very odd… Hope this gets resolved because more and more people are wearing the Bufalo Cowboy Hat, so I can see how some would want to copy the design. But if it’s a copy pasta, from a big brand such as Wisher, that would be disturbing to say the least :frowning:

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Mesh looks almost identical to the buffalo cowboy hat… could you please alter the design of the hat? @bufalo thank you for letting me know!

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damn… so definitely something shady around here. Thank you @eddie_nigma for the support, and @Yannakis for the quick answer i appreciate it.

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Hey @eddie_nigma @bufalo @Yannakis I am the designer/creator for this project. Wisher came to me with a cowboy/cowgirl hat idea and I made this mesh from scratch. Its a cowboy hat at the end of the day. The mesh is not identical, but rather similar because its a cowboy hat. You can’t have ownership over archetypes in the Market. There are several other cowboy hats on the marketplace that have the same silhouette.

@Yannakis @bufalo this has been settled offline and the hat silhouette has been adjusted.

@bokkeh @Yannakis @NikkiFuego would like to thank you all for your comprehension. I’m all good with this new version and thank you again for those quick modifications. :pray:

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Love to see this. Thank you guys! Will check soon and approve!

Hey, lower body has some clipping issues around the waist area, belt clipping with pants when running/doing emotes, hair has some weird coloring and hat clips with hair

Should be good to go now, thanks for catching these!

@Yannakis Let us know if the new versions are good to go

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Hey, pants are fixed, hat still has the same issues. Make sure to weight that part to the same bone as the hat.

Okie Dokie, lets try this latest build @Yannakis thanks!