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Winter Fest Tour Hoodie




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Hey, can u please push a small change like an additional tag? Cant see these in the curation tab atm

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We are standing by to make any necessary changes. Thank you :slight_smile:

Sure what tag are you thinking?

They werent correctly pushed to the server so any change works just to help get it pushed through

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Oh there it is idk if you changed anything but it worked!

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done. Let me know if they dont show

You my favourite @Yannakis :heart:

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Wow these are BEAUTIFUL! Very nicely done, approving now!

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Thanks! our artist Skny_lou is the man! Texturing g-d

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Heck yeah, keep up the good work and happy new year!!

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Back at ya! Hopefully see you at the event tomorrow!

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Hey @GrizzledGatsby would it be easy to update these to have a transparent background on the thumbnails to follow the updated guidelines? :pray:

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Oh boy! We have our work cut out for us as pretty much everything we have released is not to current spec. We will get on updating all of our legacy wearables as well as those of our clients and will alert you once we push changes. Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: