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Wind Up Toy

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Wind Up Toy

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Love this, just if you can update the design to incorporate something fromt he category then it should be good to go. Thumbnail must have category item fill 50% of the preview ~
Just drop an @ when you’re ready !

Thank you~

Thanks! - so I just need to design an earring and have it in the thumbnail preview?

yes please~~~ (can even be some toy ears haha)

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Hey @michi - I designed some toy ears and here it is attached

Also updated the thumbnail preview to show these toy ears



This is too cute!!!

this is perfect, just a heads up one of the ears has been mirrored so when you export it will flip the normals~
Just make sure the normals are facing outward. You can do this by pressing cntrol or cmnd+N on any red faces!

Let me know how you go~

I had a look for red faces but couldn’t see any… :man_shrugging:
But regardless I re-uploaded and hopefully, things are working smoothly :crossed_fingers:

haha I can tell you the trick @Tobes , join the all the object together and you’ll see one ear turn red ~

@michi - oh yep, that did the trick! I found some red faces and flipped them to blue :+1:

re-uploaded now

@michi - I tested it in the ‘See in World’ view and believe I have flipped all normals to the right direction now

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Oh noooo, looking at this the wearable is close to 1500 tris when earring category is 500 tris…
Not sure if this was something from the update that I missed. Super sorry for the last minute change. Can you please update this to meet the guidelines?

My bad - I’m close to fixing it!

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Hey @michi

I’ve brought it down to 524 tri. I hope that is ok?

And it has been retested in the ‘See in World’ view - it’s working.


Thats all approved, thank you!

Awesome! Thanks.

I’ll put it up on the marketplace :+1:

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If animations happen to come to wearables, would it be possible to come back to this and add a rotation effect to the back part?

I think it would be cool to see the wind-up spinning

Currently we dont have animation available on wearables but if it gets included I’ll keep you in mind and drop a tag to let you know! haha (I’ll try to remember)

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