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Wild Berri Wearables

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Wild Berri Helmet

Wild Berri Suit

Hello will check this now

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Thank you! As always… a pleasure to see you again lol :slight_smile:

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Hello @GrizzledGatsby !!! :slight_smile:

  • Wild Berri Helmet : add hides > earring, eyewear, hat , tiara, mask
  • Wild Berri Suit : check neck skin weights, some clipping with suit collar (see image)
    Everything else is good to go!
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Thank you we are on it. :slight_smile:Made changes to the hides on the helmet, will resupply Suit

We updated and pushed new model for the suit with fixed neckline. Should be good to go :slight_smile:

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Hey @GrizzledGatsby !
Tech is good!
Add hides: lowerbody, feet for the suit! :slight_smile:

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Hides selected LMK thanks

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Collection approved! @GrizzledGatsby

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