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I am so excited for the future of wearables now that skins are part of the game. This one is awesome.

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Really cool! I love the new SKIN category :slight_smile: This is going to be fun!


I am excited as well, thanks Lynnie appreciate it looking forward to seeing it on you in game! :wink:

Ineed Quaiquai, it’s going to be awesome!

this is great skins is really opening DCL up lol

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Yeah man I agree, thank you!

Reviewing your wearable now!

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Fingers should be rigged up, past that let me know when you fix that and its good.

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Greetings DuckiezKing,

I have fixed and rigged the fingers,
Thank you for your valuable critics.


Thank you for rigging up the fingers! There do seem to be a couple issues with the model.
looks like flipped normals on the hand
seems to be a split on the back
Some more splits

In the game engine it doesn’t render double sided like the editor if you can fix this as well. Thank you

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I have fixed all the issues pointed out and adjusted things in place as should be! :wink:

Thank you so much for pointing out the issues, I am humbled to realize how far my eyes needs to be trained to see such fine issues, really I appreciate your critics.

Hopefully, the model now is ready and we’re good to go, really excited to see it in game! <3

I have great news! It’s approved! You did a great job, thanks for making those edits!

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Awesome! thank you! <3

I bought one! This is so lovely💖

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man you all raising the bar

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Much love, appreciate it! :heart:

Raising the bar too the moooon! :3

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@DuckiezKing dear Duckie, I have updated the thumbnail image to a new pose, may you please re approve this!

Thanks tons, <3

I don’t see, a change on my end to approve. does it show up on the store correctly?

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