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When in Rome

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Electro Centurian Helm

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Hi i will reveiw this now

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The collection has been assigned to Sango

hey theres no back faces on the cheek parts so it makes it transparent from behind, could you fix this?

Thanks for that feedback Sango,

I hadn’t noticed that - good spotting

Admittedly, I am still new to the 3D modelling for Blender. Any chance you can tell me how to create back faces?

you could use the solidifier modifier on the faces that need it and it will add backfaces in

I already used the solidifier… so not sure why it isn’t working.

It seems to be working when viewed in the editor.

editor shows back faces. you need to apply the modifier for it to export

Hey Sango,

I’ve added a solidifier to some of the faces inside while considering the poly count requirements. Hopefully, this fixes it.

The file has been uploaded.


Hey Sango,

Is the update ok?


This collection has been approved

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From it being approved now, how long till it’s visible in the marketplace?


as soon as you set as for sale in the collection editor

Cool - I went into the collection editor and my helm is marked ‘under review’ still

Screen Shot 2022-05-19 at 10.05.35 pm

strange, ill take a look now

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can you check now? :slight_smile:

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All good thanks!

Just a question… is there a section in the forums to share creations in order to get advise before uploading them for approval?

I am working on another one that goes around the waist and has an issue where the hands clip through it… I want to know if we can have collision detection on wearables?


You could post in the DCL discord of you have an queries before publishing
Theres no collision detection but slight clipping of the hands is accepted in most cases

Would it be possible to update the thumbnail to a better shot?

if you post it here ill let you know if it will work