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no risk no champagne shoe

no risk no champagne shirt

no risk no champagne hat

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Will check these now!

Hey, make the inside of hat double sided on marked area and female version for shirt needs to be adjusted to waist area. tag me here when its fixed so i can appove it!

wow, this was fast, thank you for that.
i have an own female version as a tshirt, should i upload it seperately?

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Nope you have to select male body type when uploading and then click the 3 dots on top right and select “add female representation”

sounds good, iam on it. will be ready like in one hour

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iam on it right now, do i understand it right and i have to upload it new and pay the 100 MANA again?
just to make sure

Nopee you can click add female representation on the uploaded one.

trying to find it lol :smiley:

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I got you!

ahhhh i couldnt find it because i clicked on “both” by uploading

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so i cant edit this one. should i upload then like you said a new one?

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You definitely can edit this one! Open in editor and edit representation.

ok this one is fixed, on the hat right now

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Hat is good unless you want to add female hair like a ponytail or smth!

Hey, make the inside of hat double sided on marked area

edited both, please check because on this one i was not sure what you meant.

thank you so much for the fast respond and help

okay i did and fixed both. please go over it :slight_smile:

cant wait!!!

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Hey, still some normals issues with both hat versions.

okay how can i fix this real quick? what you recommend ? because you told me its okay if i dont want to add female hair

Just extrude the line surrounding the gap towards the head to cover it.