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We are many "Mask"

Hey, reviewing this now! Could you provide licensing from Warner Bros to

Hey Yannakis, According to my research, I have not been able to find any license from Warner Bros. The mask is used by many manufacturers and associations without licenses

Looks like this mask is licensed by Warner Bros… Could you alter the design a bit to avoid IP issues?

how much do i have to change it? what is protected? should the eyebrow be bigger? is that enough?

It would have to not resemble the original design

I have contacted Warner Bros. and will get back to you later this week. Thanks for the effort! @Yannakis

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@Yannakis hey, I haven’t gotten a response from Warner yet. So I changed the mask. Does that suit you?

Looks good can you make it double sided and fix the collision with the hair?

@Yannakis thank you! i am ready. i hope its fine

Hair collision fixed but still not double sided.

@Yannakis hey, i hope its ok now!

Looks like the normals got messed up…


hey Yan, here we go! I hope the mask will be good for you :slight_smile:

Looks good but is currently x3 the tris limit. Please reduce to 500 tris

@Yannakis ok next try. Is that ok?

Collection approved!

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it feels so good thank u!

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