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We Are All Boxhead

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We Are All Boxhead_HEAD

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Let me take a look :slight_smile: Reviewing now

Hello Boxhead#a346,

Great wearable! few fixes before we can approve it!

  1. Under replaces can you please add Mask, Helmet, Hat, and tiara please! Here is a screen shot of where the Override Replace tab is!

  2. The glow you have used is very bright may want to turn down the emission before we approve so you can read your writing clearly :slight_smile:

Then once the model is re uploaded comment back here and I will look back over it! :slight_smile:

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Hi Hiroto! Thank you, I made all the changes. :slight_smile:

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Hey! One more quick thing! I think when you re uploaded your wearable the thumbnail changed can you please change it to have a transparent background? This will make sure you can see the rarity correctly in the back pack!

@Boxhead Sorry forgot to tag you in the last post!

Thank you, all done! :slight_smile:

Thank You, Approved!!!

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Woohooo! Thanks so much!

Of course just loading now should be good to go any second!

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Hi Hiroto, just realised that even though I reduced the emission on the letters they’re still way too bright and hard to read, is there any chance I could reupload the model real quick? Thank you!

@HirotoKai forgot to tag you before :slight_smile:

Yes let me reject it for you so you can edit it!

@Boxhead Please re upload your wearable now and let me know when it is all uploaded :slight_smile:

Thank youuuu, is there a way i can see it in the world before resubmitting? Just to make sure it’s 100% right.

Yes Here is one of my youtube videos explaining how! Hiroto Kai's Tutorials - Decentraland Wearable Builder Tutorial - Testing Wearables - YouTube :slight_smile:

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Perfect thank you! I have fixed it now :sparkles:

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Thank you!!! All set and re approved!

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You THE BEST! Thank you so much Hiroto :blue_heart:


Nice job Boxhead with the final approved item