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Vroomway Season 1 Winner

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The Flame’s End

Hi! I will check collection

add this categories to hiding list:

  • earring
  • tiara
  • eyewear
  • hat

I’d rather not. It’s not significantly over the tri limit and I’m already hiding 3 categories.

Adding more dilutes the creative expression by the wearer.

Can I just hide eyewear and keep hat/earring/tiara?

all listed categories needs to be hidden

Pushed changes regrettably. @theankou

collection approved!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

@theankou it looks like this collection was disabled…?

re-approved, should be good now

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Hey @theankou just pushed smart wearable update for this. :pray: New thumbnail was approved by Shibu :+1:

collection re-approved!

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Hey @theankou I’ve updated tags on this since they now work in the marketplace search :pray:

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@NikkiFuego collection re-approved!

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Hey @theankou this one got utility update too :pray:

collection re-approved!

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