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VroomVroom Model O

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VroomVroom Model O


Hello family. Here is my brand new VroomVroom Model O! :smiley:

The legal department already has my copyright ownership for my logo.

Here are sizing proofs to show I’m more in the bounds than my last model :wink:

Top Down Proof

Tris = 4924
Mats = 4
Textures = 5

Here are my builder settings. I would like to leave Masks, Eyewear, Earrings, Tiara, and Top-Head active, please.

Crazy, Nikki! Can’t wait to see these come out :0


Checking collection now!

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All good, however, overlaps with floor should be fixed :slight_smile:

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@theankou Updated


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OMG! They are amazing :orange_heart::heart_eyes:


I recommend you to assign another bone (for example - spine2 / neck / hip), instead of head, because /emote headexplode is too much for that wearable, sorry :slight_smile:

Also, male representation still overlaps with floor when you play animation “2”

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done @theankou anything else? …

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What a Ride​:scream::scream::fire::fire::blue_heart: love it!

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Thank you everyone for all the kind comments. Hopefully, there are no more minor complications that need to be modified. Looking forward to your approval @theankou :slight_smile:

You assigned whole model to another bone as suggested, thats good! However, if you want to leave combining option with glasses, earrings, etc, you should try to skin only head part to head bone :slight_smile: and also with smooth transition between head bone and the bone that assigned to whole body

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This back and forth is really wasting a lot of time. I hid everything except the top head and tiara. Can you please approve so we can be done here? @theankou As the designer I am happy with all these final changes and wish for this to be published.

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if you don’t want to weight paint head to head bone, then tiara should be hidden too, thank you :slight_smile:

I saw your comment. None of these last 3 modifications were issues when weighted exactly like my original models.

I’d like that documentation I asked for. If that documentation doesn’t exist, I’d like to published my original model of it weighted to head as that provides the best animation for the hovering of the craft.

If you can’t do either of those, I’d like a refund. :slight_smile:


Since you refuse to provide documentation or a refund via dm’s, I will go ahead and eliminate another category. Already changed the original design might as well take another category.

I have pushed changes @theankou . I hope you don’t find anything else that is not to your liking. #LessCompetitionMoreCollaboration

Collection approved! :+1: