Collection 'VRC x ZED RUN Spring 2021' created by VegasCityDCL is ready for review!

VRC x ZED RUN Spring 2021

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Hyams Beach Strappy Heels

Fairy Floss Flats

Crimson Tide Strappy Heels

Ruby Red Fascinator

Snowy River Panama Hat

Freshwater Blue Fascinator

Midnight Black Dress Shoes

Brown Smooth Loafers

Classic Tuxedo Tee

Brown Smooth Loafers 2

Regal Blue Trousers

Midnight Shoulder Dress (skirt)

Midnight Shoulder Dress (top)

Fairy Floss Tea Dress (top)

**White Tuxedo Trio **

Fairy Floss Tea Dress (skirt)

Regal Blue Suit

**Freshwater Blue Jacket **

**Freshwater Blue Trousers **

Musk Stick Pink Waistcoat

Midnight BlackTuxedo Trousers

Swift Grey Suit Pants

Hey VegasCityDCL,

Reviewing these


wow so happy how these turend out!

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Hey. I updated the Freshwater Blue Jacket. I pushed the changes.

@FrankyNeedles Hiii Franky any way you could update this jacket again? I really like this jacket but the hands are from another planet now lol

hey guys. it’s done!