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VoxBox Origin

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VoxBox #0000


VoxBox Male/Female Origin Loookkiiinnnng GOOOOD!!! :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Hello, I can review this now~

Just looking at this, the size is a bit large if you can scale it down just a bit~

Also the sword is jutting out quite a bit which can be disruptive to players, can you place it on the back, hip or somewhere more subtle?

let me know when you update and I can re-review~

Thank you so much. Will work on that asap.

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It’s only giving me option to update one and not both male and female. Also I received this error message

Reupload one gender than go to the item description through the collection, then on the top right is a drop down that lets you upload representation!
Let me know how you go~

That’s the problem. It’s not giving me that option like the first

Thank you so much. Finally found what you mentioned.

All set with updates to both male and female. Thank you for helping

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Oh no! I just saw all these, sorry I wasn’t around to reply!!!
I’ll have a look now~

It’s ok. I know you all are busy.

Just looking the thumbnail needs to be transparent and can you update the knife placement? (still looking super stabby)


Ok. Working on it now. Thank you

Updates are taken care of. I removed the dagger. I see your point. We don’t need happy stabbers in game lol.

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All approved!

THANK YOUUUUU!!! :fire: :fire: :fire:

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