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VoxBoards P2E - Collection 1

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VoxBoards Shirt

VoxBoards Helmet

VoxBoards BackPack

VoxBoards Shorts

VoxBoards Chain

The collection has been assigned to Sango

please check your items are attached to the armature

@Sango Finally fixed :slight_smile: Designed by DOCTORdripp, tested and ready! Let me know if there is any issue! Thank you!

This collection has been approved!

Hi @Sango thank you for the quick approval and thank you @Miguel_Amargo for submitting this set.

I wanted to point out that this set has been configured improperly, as it has slots hidden for the backpack and chain that are not intended as per the requirements for the P2E game’s perk structure.

Below you will find all specs. All textures have been lossy compressed and greatly optimized to reduce file size and mat/texture count. The chain is only slightly above 500 tris, and the backpack is not the first accessory I’ve produced over the regular accessory tri-count, but under the 1500 limit.

We’d like to re-enable the hidden slots to allow for in-game perks as intended.

This collection is for the grant recipient P2E game Voxboards.

Shirt with Pads
Male: 1490 tris (458kb)
Female: 1416 tris (475kb)
Materials: 2 (base & skin)
Textures: 2 (base & skin)

Shorts with Pads
Male: 636 tris (613kb)
Female: 782 tris (637kb)
Materials: 2 (base & skin)
Textures: 2 (base & skin)

Skate Helmet
Male: 1417 tris (646kb)
Female: 1499 tris (597kb)
Materials: 2 (base & hair)
Textures: 2 (base & hair)

Skate Backpack
Both: 1499 tris (550kb)
Materials: 1
Textures: 1

Gold Chain
Both: 778 tris (240kb)
Materials: 1
Textures: 2 (base & emissions)

Thank you for your consideration.