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Vollebak Mars Jacket

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Mars Jacket - Orange

Mars Jacket - White

Mars Jacket - Black

Will take a look at the collection now

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Let me know if the small gap here is intentional or if its a normal issue. Also if you only want the collection to be for male body since you don’t have female representations.

Also theres a clipping issue on all 3 jackets on the back. Making it a bit bigger and changing the weighting should fix it

Hey - thanks for the feedback.

We will look at addressing both issues.

What’s the best way to share updates once done?

Also - we’d like to update the texture on the orange jacket - can that be folded into the updated version?

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Yeap you can make any changes you like

OK cool and do we share the modified 3d asset files here?

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You can change the representation on the current collection from the builder and let me know here

Thanks Yannakis.

I’ve made the changes and updated the jackets in the builder but I couldn’t replicate the clipping around the hip area so although the jacket is bigger now in that area I couldn’t test that it’s enough so appreciate your input there.

Good job! Collection approved!

Hi Yannakis.

Sorry to reopen but after speaking to the team we would like the jacket to be wearable by avatars with the female body type.

Please let us know if we need to change the model to accommodate that or if it’s fine as is.

Hey, yes it would be better to also include female body type

OK so we’ve updated the models to work with both the male and female body types. Tested against the fist pump and dance animations where the clipping was occurring on the female body and the clipping is no longer an issue.

Hey, theres still clipping around the waist on female versions. Waist line is higher for the female so it has to be modified and added as female representation.

Ok no problem. Does that require submitting as a new item and paying the submission fee again for each female version?

Nope you must choose male when uploading the item and then click “add female representation”

Ah ok I found it, great thanks, will make the changes and upload separately

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Hi Yannakis,

We have uploaded the female representations and tested against the builder animations and they are looking good.

Hey. Just (politely) bumping this as we’re looking to launch this experience soon.

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