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Void Runner

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Void Runner Head

Void Runner Robe

Void Runner Pants

hi i will review this now

could you reduce the upper body to 1500 triangles?

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Hi @Sango thanks for reviewing these items.
I’ve gotten the Upper body down to about 1687 tris. Tried going lower but the quality of the garment becomes severely affected.
Have shaved a bit off the lower body as well.

Thank you.

Have also updated and uploaded these garments for you.

that fine, if the geometry is needed for the design we can allow that.

i will check them over again now thnaks

Thank you @Sango

there is some clipping on the pockets could you fix this?

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Thanks @Sango . I have just uploaded an updated version to fix this. Skinning should now deform a bit better with the leg. Due to lack of bones there is minor over lap but the sides do now move with the legs.
Thank you.

great, this collection has been approved. thanks

Thank you @Sango .
Apologies I just realised that I made a slight typo in one of the wearables for this collection. Have just pushed that change. Would it be possible to approve this push for this set?

yeah sure thing, ill do that now

are the bottoms going to hide shoes? Was looking at these in builder super sick just curious about the shoes.