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Virtual Dan Wearables

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Will review this now!

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Make sure the connecting part is only weighted to the hips bone.

Hi, I created a new collection with the corrected Shirt. Not sure if I was supposed to upload the updated shirt to replace this one?

Thank you

You should replace this one…

Hi! I’m sorry I’m new to wearables, could you please point me to where I replace or how I do so?
Thank you!

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Thank you, I uploaded the new version under the add female representation. Let me know if I did something incorrectly.

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You want to keep this one or the other one? One has to be replaced with another wearable

I only need one Virtual Dan shirt. I think I did it correctly this time. I just edited representation and dropped the fixed shirt. Sorry, I’m just figuring out the wearable process.

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Just need to add some thickness and ill approve~

Hi Yannakis,
I submitted the updated version. Fixed everything. Let me know if you need anything else to approve.

Collection approved!

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