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VIRTEWEL x WaltAdler Essentials

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Diamond studs

Huggie hoops

please wait to review. thank you!
this collection is being updated.

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The collection has been assigned to michitodd

Yep, I added this with the other set! :slight_smile:

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HI @michi This collection is ready for review. Thank you!

@michi Hi - reminder to please review these. thank you!

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I’ll check shortly! Just some builder issues atm, sorry for the delay!

Hey @wadler ,
I know in the past we’ve approved invisible style wearables but with the new requirements for the avatar this can’t be approved because we now require visible hand representation and weighted to the T pose. Invisible wont have hand representation~

Understood. Will revise and let you know when ready.
thank you!

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Thank you for understanding~

Hi @michi I have revised the design to have hand representation. It’s ready for review.
thank you!

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Hey I think the body is accidentally hidden still, is this correct?

Hi @michi
This is correct. The gloves hide lower body, head, hair, facial hair. and the Upper body is hidden automatically. We made these gloves so that people who buy our wearables can see the hidden designs on the inside of our wearables that are usually covered by the body.

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I’m not too sure I understand, can you share a screenshot of what you mean?
I’ll pass this past the team to make sure it wont cause any issues with game features later on. :slight_smile:

understood and thank you.

These are pictures of the inside of our jewelry wearables. In the real world, our jewelry is known for having details on the inside, like diamonds on the inside of a ring that only the wearer knows about. Or our signature pattern engraved on the backside around the holes for diamonds to show through. These elements are hidden until you take the piece off. A little something extra to make the pieces special and more valuable.

Our pieces for DCL are the same. There are layers of design to discover. We spend time ‘and triangles’ on the inside because it is important to us.

These Invisibility gloves are designed so that you can hide your body and see inside our virtual jewelry. Thank you for working with the team on this. The gloves are designed to maintain hand gestures per our understanding of the updated rules.

here’s a picture of one of our pieces in tangible form -

Hey @wadler , I checked with the team and this isn’t an acceptable wearable for the platform and can cause issues moving forward~

Please update to accurately be part of a category for approval. Thank you!

OK. Will let you know when updated.
thank you

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Hi @michi
Updated and ready for you to review.
thank you!

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Sorry for the delay! I missed this message, all approved!

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