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Virtewel x WaltAdler 2nd Collab

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Sparkling Diamond Watch + Shirt

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reviewing wearable item now!


wearable approved! enjoy!


@DuckiezKing Hi. I went to turn it on for sale and the shirt is rendering very poorly in the marketplace. The neckline has a jagged edge and the shirt is rendering very shiny like plastic. I am fixing the file so that it does not have any shine and I fixed the geometry causing the neck glitch. But, I can’t seem to upload both male and female changes as that option is no longer available. Is there a way to fix this? thank you!

congrats! on the approval!

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so first you upload the male version and you back out to the collection. and there is another place to add female representation. There’s a bug that hides it from the normal place.

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Fixed and Pushed Changes to be reapproved. Thank you for the quick reply!

@DuckiezKing I’ve never pushed new changes. Is there anything else I need to pay or do or is it automatically added to the que? thank you!

Alright updated! @wadler

@DuckiezKing Thank you. I just tried putting it for sale and it is does not have a green mark. I click push changes again and now it is grey again. When you reapprove, I’m guessing it should turn green. Please have another look. Thank you very much.

aprroved, enjoy @wadler

@DuckiezKing Hi. the thumbnail image got erased when I updated the file. I have updated the image file, I did not change anything else. Please reapprove for me. :pray: thank you

@DuckiezKing Please reapprove this for me. Thank you

Checked and approved, enjoy!

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