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Vertual StonkMan

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Finally a StonkMan is coming on Decentraland!!

@Shibu @Lauretta @vrglitch @Chestnutbruze (8)

I knew I’ve seen it somewhere before lol

That’s one of the Jonesy’s skins from Fortnite


stonkman is a meme and not regisered trademark. Like saying you can’t do a gorilla because exist king kong :slight_smile:

You even made the ripped tuxedo details on shoulders the original one have…

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why not this is my ideal stonkman :slight_smile:
Screenshot (256)

@michi @Yannakis @Sango @fabeeobreen

Hey, I really love this man design!

Can you please send confirmation to confirming design rights to use Fortnites interpretation of Stonk man OR alternatively update the design to be more of your own interpretation then I can approve!

Thank you so much for your patience~

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Uploaded new model with variations as I don’t own right to use fortnite interpretation! Thank for your time @michi!

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Thank you, this design has more unique facial features to differentiate it from the other styles of stonk man.

This is approved~


Thank again @michi! Have a good day :heart:

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