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Admins, I’ve made some tweaks to this model. Is there anyway I can upload the newer model?

Yes you can update your model by clicking here.

Let me know when you are ready.

I’ve uploaded the new model, we are ready to go.

Great work, do you want to add some hair? It would look much better.

I think it would be a good idea but it would put us over 500 tris most likely. If we do would you recommend two models, one for boy and one for girl hair styles?

can we go ahead and list this in marketplace?

which was the solution? did you added hair? or i can upload a cap without hair?

Collection approved, Have a great day!

we can go ahead and add cap to marketplace with out hair. Thank you both of you and your team for the help, it is very appreciated.

also cap does not show up in marketplace at the moment, should i wait some time to see it?

Hey! @MoonBoyz , have you seen “Publish Items” section on the wearables user guide?