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Will check this soon!

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perfect! the jackets are for men. we will launch as a woman later!

Some clipping issues on the waist line for both jackets

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uhh! ok I’ll fix it now!

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I am trying to modify it, but the page is not working properly. It will take me a while to correct it!

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Ready my friend! Solved! I remain attentive to the approval!

Works great! Could you please add also female representation so i can approve?

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great!! these jackets are for men! we will launch some women’s exclusives next week for sure! with some flowery textures.

Hi Yunna! I have uploaded the women’s submissions for the jacket items! I checked them and everything looks perfect! I stay tuned for approval!!!

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Collection approved!

Thank you very much my friend! Have a nice day!

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This wearable is taken from the 2020 Jonathan Wolfe Infinity Cow jacket modeled by for the Guest Artists Collection. Not sure if this was approved by their team, it is the exact same model.


@Yannakis Please take a look.

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Thank you for bringing to my attention @Misprint !
Collection has to be temporarily disabled untill design is changed from original! @Wallase10

Hello, @Yannakis I will make the changes as soon as possible, we were provided with some models and we are working on it. We didn’t know it was already on the market. I will modify it as soon as possible! And apologies!

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@Yannakis, can we switch to another model? Or do we have to make changes on the current model? We would like to change it, but we are waiting for your advice.

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You have to make the base mesh different from the original design

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Instead of going to each forum I’ll just drop this all here. Multiple items through multiple collections copied. City Sneakers, Dream Jacket, Steampunk Hat, Base Sunglasses, Hero Top, Pineapple Pants, and Headspace Shoes.


We apologize to the creators and the corresponding changes are being made. greetings!