Collection 'URBAN BITCOIN CRYPTO SNEAKERS' created by Wallase#51dd is ready for review!


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Hello, I look forward to your review and approval!

Will take a look at these now

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Perfect! Thank you very much my friend! I look forward to your approval!

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Looks good, approving now!

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Thank you my friend! See you soon!

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Hi, the design was drastically switched?

Damn. This change was pretty disappointing. I bought one thing and now have a pair I don’t care for because approval didn’t catch copyright. Bummer that the buyer’s lose out in these situations. Would LOVE a refund, cause I personally don’t care much for this new design.


There should be a strike system for repeat offenders. And to be sure that it’s not easy to just create another account have an IP ban.

let’s add that to the DOA @Matsumoto

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Hi @Yannakis! I hope you are very well, We have made with my team an update of this collection. We noticed that the model had not been liked by the buyers and we updated to the recent one. Please could you review and approve the update? I look forward to your approval.

Hi @Yannakis. Were you able to check it? Please keep me updated. Thanks

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Hey, just letting you know I saw the changes and doing some research before I can approve those.

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OK brother. Please if you can check it. We’ve already fixed the bugs and we’re working fine. we are putting it with desire.

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The revised model looks almost identical to: CAMOUFLAGE SNEAKERS WITH NEON SO - Decentraland Marketplace with laces removed.

Hi @Yannakis, the model is not the same, it is different, but within the group of known investors we have the same style because we work with the same designer. In this case one of the investors is @Pupato. It is not the same model it is different.

Hey @Pupato since this was your wearable, do you give permission to use the similar mesh?

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Hello Gentleman @Yannakis, you are right, we have a designer in common with wallase and other investors, in any case the original will always be respected in this case this one has some changes, but it is the ok in the authorization

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