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Wearables Sample Pack Hoodie

hi DCL committee! Hope u like the wearable, please tag me as well with review feedback :slight_smile: fyi I’m working at so we have the rights to our branding

Hello @johnnyclock checking this now!

Hey @johnnyclock !
Can you reduce the texture and material number to 2 please?

Hi @fabeeobreen thanks for quick review! Hasn’t the materials number always been 3 though? 1st is hoodie texture, 2nd are glowing elements and 3rd is the skin texture. All of my accepted wearables so far has been like this. Thanks!

Hey @johnnyclock I can go over the 3 texrures if one is about the skin.
Can you try reducing the material number to 2?

Hi @fabeeobreen, the case is that without skin material and texture, there is 1 material for hoodie design and 1 for glowing elements. I cannot merge it, because I would lose the glowing parts effect. I submitted 30+ wearables so far that got accepted, and each of them had this material number, so its hard for me to understand why it’s not acceptable now :confused: thanks in advance!

Hello @johnnyclock !
Technically you should have the sparks element in the same atlas of the hoodie.
This way you will use 1 diffuse + 1 emission that will take care of the whole parts.
And you will have 1 mat for the skin + 1 mat for the hoodie/sparks

This approach will give you a lighter wearable and you will stay within the 2 text + 2 mat limit.
Check this image where i use diffuse + emissive + skin mat while respecting the limits:

Is this somethign you can fix?

hi @fabeeobreen thanks for the quick answer! but does this exclude the effect that only some parts are glowing, in this case only the part of the eyes? bc adding emission and texture in the same material will make the whole wearable glow, not only selected parts. Or am I wrong?

@johnnyclock Yes of course you can control which parts are emissive and which aren’t with the emissive texture.
The black part in your texture will not have any emission.
Just use emission color where the sparkles uv lives, and left everything else black. This way you will end up having the glow only where you painted color.

For example, this is the emissive texure of the skull above:
As you can see it is painted only where the the glowing part must be

whoa @fabeeobreen, that’s actually game-changer! I uploaded new versions with your instruction, and even managed to make the text on the sleeves glow :o normally I would cut them part by part in the mesh, sooo cool, tysm! hope its all good now, the additional 3rd texture is the skin

@johnnyclock awesome! :smiley: good job!
There is a little rigging issue on the back, probably coming from the legs bones:
When you move (check dance animation) there is a glitch on the back.
Noticeable especially with the male body

thanks @fabeeobreen i think its fixed now :slight_smile:

Hey @johnnyclock !
The tech is good now!
A couple of things before approvation:

  • are you aware that the items are single sided in-world? Right now you will see the eyes only from front side, see images. Add back geometry if you want to have it double sided.
  • Add eyewear as “hides”
  • Check if you want to add any description and tags

glad to hear @fabeeobreen! Yes, i’m aware of one-sided eyes, this is intentional effect. I’ve updated the description and hid eyewear, no tags needed here :slight_smile:

@johnnyclock collection approved!
cheers :slight_smile: