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Uniqly Christmas - Hodler Gift

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Wearables CHAD NFT Hoodie I <3 NFT Beanie Christmas Socks

JPG bucket hat WAGMI Kidney Bag

Cardigan NFT

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Hey, nice collection!

A couple of issues:

  1. the hair part of the hat has some issues, looks like part of it is missing, and a part of it has the wrong material so it appears white.

  2. Double sided faces are disabled inworld, so the halo around the hat is halfway invisible. You can fix this by duplicating it and reversing the faces.

  3. Parts of the hoodie are extremely emissive, is this intentional?

  4. The hoodie is invisible from underneath because double sided faces aren’t enabled ingame. You need to fill in this gap by adding some geometry there.

  5. The band around the torso is clipping inside the upper body.

  6. The wagmi kidney bag has too many materials

Hi @Chestnutbruze, I’ve updated the wereables you’ve mentioned, all fixed. Would appreciate fast feedback if everything is good :slight_smile: tysm

Approved it now :pray: :+1: