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Uniqly Christmas - Chests Gifts

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Wearables Suit Pants Gaming Chair


Pants look good, no issue.

The gaming chair though is way too many triangles.

Hi @CLTRVLTR thanks for quick feedback. Whats the top limit of triangles for the chair? When it replaces lower body and feet it could be more than 1500 right?

Upper & lower should be below 3000 :v:t2::sparkles:
(Unless a committee member says otherwise)

thought so too, and with addition of 500 triangles for feet part I thought it should be fine. Could you refer to this @CLTRVLTR ?

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I’m following the thread. I’m curious to what curation team says.

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I’ve never seen something approved over 3000 so it’s always good to think less is more sometimes lol :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah, I feel if you were allowed to have more tri’s due to the feet being hidden that would be in the wearable guidelines. But we shall see.

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I’ve managed to scale it down to 3200, hope it will be fine :wink: @Chestnutbruze @Lauretta could you take a look?

hey tanks for letting me know I will review it as soon as I can

Hey @johnnyclock everything seems in order around these wearables, just need to know if you have permission to have the logo and I will approve them cheers

Hi @Lauretta, yes, the logo is our company’s :slight_smile: I work for as graphic designer

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thanks for your quick response @johnnyclock , will approve as soon as I can