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Unicorn Wing

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Unicorn Wings


Hey, I’ll review this now ~

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Love this! Really beautiful design but make sure you’re designing for the category. Currently it’s in earring which means it needs something representative of that category in the design. So the thumbnail should show at least 50% minimum an earring, also earring category is 500tri limit.

Double check the size is closer to an arms length or under 2.45m, currently it’s quite large for the platform can will cause clashes with other users.

Check the weighting as currently there is some clipping when running and moving~

Can’t wait to see the updates, let me know when you’re ready for me to re-review~
Thank you!

@michi hello, ı think fix everything.
is Tiara ok? for the category.
by the way why is it so bright

ı use only image rgb

Editor view nice but see in world so bright :frowning:

Sorry, I missed your message yesterday when I came on somehow!
It’s having the colour issue not because of your UV but your ‘normals’ need to be flipped!

So in blender check this dropdown menu:

check this ‘face orientation’ box and you’ll see all the faces become red or blue, you would want them to be blue. To do that in ‘edit mode’ select the face and press shift+N (for mac)

Additionally, Tiara needs to show something from the tiara category (50% of the thumbnail minimum) and still needs to be 500tri. Check out the ‘Building 3D Models For Wearables’ to see all the tri limitations and categories:

Let me know how you go!

@michi all faces right orientation but still to bright.

This is my texture

Size check, 500 Tri check, Add earring
But still bright

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hey, this is still having issues with clipping and the faces are overlapping.

Would you consider making it a single sided design with alpha blend?
That would reduce the tri could and also prevent it being fractured, clean artwork and more simple design~
Up to you but currently this still can’t be approved until it’s fixed. Super happy to continue the discussion in DM.

@michi my wearble item is ready :slight_smile:

You are AMAZING! My hero~
I’m genuinely so glad this could be fixed haha

All approved @Supersan :love_you_gesture:

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:tada: :tada: :partying_face:
Tahnk Youuuu Michi !