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Ugnu Merch S1

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Merch Cap S1

Merch Hoodie S1

hey there, i will check over your submission now

all looks good, did you want to add a female representation to the hoody? you dont currently have one

hey @Sango its done :slight_smile: Thank you!

@Yannakis it is possible to check this here? :slight_smile: I´m done

you need to set hide hair on the hats

also clipping on the female hoody

@Sango is there a possibility to switch off the hoodie for women? I can’t do that in the editor

@Sango the Hat is ready

reload the male version in and it will get rid of the female

what do you mean by reload? should I upload “edit the representation” again?

use the white pencil button

ok i´m done. thank you!

this collection has been approved!