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Ufomania’s Wizard Gear

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Brown Wizard Hat


Hello, this is my first custom made accessory for the Decentraland market.

How much time do I have to wait until my item’s review is done? It’s been 2 weeks or so up until now.

How long does it usually take?

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nice dig the way this looks

hi i will review this

are you happy with there being no hair?

Hello, thank you for taking your time to review this!

I realized that having some added hair would make it look much better, but unfortunately I was getting close to 500 tris which is the maximum allowed for an accessory I believe and since I’m not experienced enough, I could not figure out a way to add some extra good looking hair with the remaining triangle numbers!

you may use more for hats

That’s great to hear! What’s the limit of triangles for hats? Is it 1.5k then?

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yes 1.5 max. plenty to add hair in

Fantastic, i will update the hat with nice greyscaled hair and reupload the file. Thank you for all the input!

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Hello, I’ve updated the Brown wizard hat and included hair. Here’s some screens.

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i will take a look now

theres clipping on the back of all the clothes when running

@Sango Hmm… alrighty I think one solution is to tilt the hair further from the clothes, even though it might look strange in the end so perhaps the best approach is reducing the hair size to avoid touching the surface of any clothes.

few options you have,
-weightpaint the hair so it moves with the spine on the lower parts
-tilt hair out.
-reduce hair size

either one will fix the clipping

@Sango Alrighty I’ve made the hair shorter so now it should not clip :wink:

Wizard Hat Short Hair

please set hide hair on overrides

Apologies! It is fixed now.


theres some clipping on the hair and head when running. make sure only the head bone is effecting the hair

@Sango Hello! Alrighty I’ve done a more proper weight painting this time and should be working fine now!