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Golden Doge Dogs & Feet Red Glow


Awesome cant wait to publish my first wearable! I kept it in the 7 by 12 box so hopefully nothing gets cut off :sweat_smile:

Anything else I can do?

this is amazing!!! good work showtime!

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Thank you for the kind words fam! <3

This is really awesome, however I’m not sure how DCL is about pets on the ground next to you as they might clip through walls/trigger certain things. Hope it does though, would be really neat


Thank you for the kind words! Just pets in general? because any item outside the body would have the same issue if it is even an issue. I wasn’t aware about the pets rule ? :sweat_smile: haha But I get what your saying. I hope it also gets passed! really excited to rock my wearable! xD

The collection has been assigned to michitodd

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Hey @iTz-SHOWTiME ,
Kokesmush is correct and we dont accept wearables where there’s an object along side that would need it’s own armature. From a quality perspective it creates environmental clipping issues, weighting problems and potential collider issues when some later updates are implemented.

Also just for when you update this there is a space restriction around a user:

If you need support in some solutions to this wearable please let me know otherwise just drop me an @ when you update!

Thank you for understanding and sorry for any inconvinience ~~~

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hello! @michi
yes please I would love any help , what do you suggest I do or start with?
do I add colliders to the dogs to eliminate clipping?
Which weight problems does it specifically have ? so I make work on it :smiley:
Also are the dogs not inside the space restriction?
I made sure it was 12 squares wide from the sides and 7 square from front to back.

thank you for the information, cant wait to hear back from you :smiley:

Hey @iTz-SHOWTiME ,
In general we can’t approve this style of wearable with objects weighted to the side of the person. Your wearable is actually weighted really well but as you can see when you do fistbump or dance currently the pets clip with the scene and under the world. At the moment there aren’t colliders with wearables but potentially in the future devs might add which might cause further issues in scene.

I was just sharing size restrictions just as an fyi in case it wasn’t clear, I didn’t measure the dogs but it looked quite big.

So potentially you can design some clothes, have the pets like an accessory (I recently saw someone design a bear holding on the back), holding a dog in the hands or even like petaverse having a backpack with the pet inside:

Just ensure you use the full armature when designing and make sure it’s attached tot he person or completely off ground and elevated.
What do you think?

@michi Gotcha no side weighted objects what about if I place them in the front/back?
or just no weighted objects all around ? or is the issue more of bc clipping and if I can prevent that all is well? and can you please define clipping just so I know I got the idea :slight_smile:

Though wearables that impair the use of hands weren’t allowed? not even sure where i heard this from tbh :open_mouth:

If make the dog legs my pants will that qualify? like a centaur ( not saying I will but to get understanding lol) Or the dogs floating so no more clipping ( + other issues if I solve them )

example of possible weights wings weighted to legs so wings move when walking or it this fine because its attached or floating on the body? (sorry for all the questions, just want to be well informed haha :smiley: )

Thanks for helping me understand !

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Hey, sorry I just saw this!
So no side objects or objects that can clip with the floor or environment, i think something like centaur will need to get feedback from the devs before I approve in case this will cause issues in future platform standards (which is why we dont accept vehicles and mounts anymore )

The wing idea is fine because it’s not touching the ground and wouldn’t cause any issues!

Let me know how you go and feel free to reach out with any questions while updating and I’m happy to help!

@michi Quick question ive been trying to improve my wearable but its difficult to have it under 1.5k tris unless its a skin at 5k. my question is ive seen wearables over 1.5k tris that aren’t skin but instead just upperbody well over the 1.5k tris. If I were to make my wearable ridable as in an upper body over 1.5k will it be accepted ?

Um, I’m not too sure I can imagine what you had in mind for the wearable. So you’re trying to make a ride on but at the moment we’re not approving vehicles, mounts or anything that isn’t a humanoid design (so weighted to the armature with hands and feet)
If you have something like a dress or something that replaces upper and lower body you can get a combined 3k tris. If the design is quite intricate it’s sometimes not possible to get the design under 1500 tris but just try to get it as close as possible. Each wearable collection is definitely a case by case because of this~
Also feel free to dm me if you want further feedback or something I can support with! :ok_hand:t2:

Just dropping the feedback here as well, currently theres no clear category for this design and can get confusing for users. If you can simplify and split this up into individual categories it would work better. Currently this has eyewear, top head aura/dog and shoes. The aura is quite disruptive so if you could also reduce transparency of this one if you go ahead with this part of the design!

Let me know how you go and I’ll have an other re-review~