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True Self is Priceless x RL

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The Hypnotist 1 of 2

The Hypnotist 2 of 2

Madame Joy

TheDreamer Pink Hat Final

Multidimensional Dancer

The Alchemist of Celebration

The collection has been assigned to Yannakis

Heyy, just a couple of changes needed before i can approve the collection:
i. Change the hypnotist 1 of 2 to a top head category
ii. Hypnitist 2 of 2 - Include eyewear, helmet, hait, facial hair in the hides slot
iii. Same as ii for the Madame Joy mask
iv. Make the Dreamer hat a bit shorter so as to not exceed the height limit
v. Alchemist of Celebration- make sure to include lower body in hides and also bring the marked area a bit back to minimise the clipping

hello there @Yannakis Iā€™m uploading this one so I will let you know when the changes are made

hey there @Yannakis the collection has been uploaded with the feedback applied

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Collection approved!