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Rainbow Halo

Stormcloud Halo

Hi, is it possible to upload new preview icons? I’m realizing now these are pretty low-res.

OK, asking for a little help here: apparently I was running in Low Resolution up until this point. Raising it to Medium or anything higher makes my rainbow washed out :frowning:
I wonder if some sort of reflectiveness is rendered in higher resolutions? Is there a way I can turn this off for the rainbow material? It’s pretty difficult since Blender/Builder/Player(plus multi resolutions) all seem to render it differently :frowning:

Figured it out by fiddling with material settings in Blender, and reuploaded the GLB file along with these new icons. Should be all set for review, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Awesome design!
Regarding the material issue, try to use roughness to 100%, specular and metalness to 0%.

The items are too high and can cause issues to other users experience.
Please try to get closer to the following height and width limitations.

Max height and width = 2.42m (based on cube with a pivot in intersecting spine and spine 1)


In order to correctly show rarity color on each of your item thumbnail, please use images with transparent background.

Have a good day.

Thank you!

Thanks very much for the feedback! I’ve ensured that the storm cloud fits within the 2.42m cube; the rainbow already complied with this requirement; and I’ve updated both icons with transparent backgrounds as requested.

Ready for a final look!
Thanks so much!

Great work, collection approved.

Thank you @vrglitch !