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Transformative Airdrops Vol. 1.2

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Skate Backpack by DOCTORdripp

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Hi! Checking collection now!

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You are very quick!

This collection is an exclusive airdrop for the hodlers of the complete Transformative Streetwear Vol. 1 outfit. This concept splits into its own roadmap being a lootable backpack with future burn function to come. Third texture is a small emission map.

Skate Backpack by DOCTORdripp
Both: 498 tris
Materials: 2 (base & emissions)
Textures: 3 (base, emission, emission map)

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Hi! Thumbnail size should be 1024x1024, otherwise i’m getting error on approval :frowning:

Okay it’s been revised. Thank you @theankou

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collection approved!

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