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Traditional Saudi Arabia Attire

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Daily Abaya

Modest Style

Female Southwestern Traditional

Central Traditional Thobe

Daily Thobe #1

**Male Southwestern Traditional **

Daily Thobe #2

Formal Thobe

Central Traditional Thobe

Abaya Avatar #1

Hello! This is a collection of traditional attire. Please let us know if there are any revisions required and we will do our best to make adjustments quickly! :slight_smile:

Hello @TerraZero collection is not showing in teh curator tab, can you make a small update like add a tag ?

The collection has been assigned to fabeeobreen

@fabeeobreen I just edited the tag of the Daily Abaya, was this enough to refresh it?

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Got it checking now!

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Brilliant, let me know if there’s any issues viewing the collection :slight_smile:

Hello @TerraZero ! :slight_smile:
Very nice collection, good job! Some little fixes required:

Daily Abaya :

  • Good to go!

Modest Style:

  • can you add some back geo to the face veil?
  • check left wrist, some clipping with the sleeve (images)

Female Southwestern Traditional:

  • check neck skin weights (image)

Central Traditional Thobe:

  • good to go!

Daily Thobe #1:

  • As you can see from image some emote shows the deleted faces, resulting as holes in the body. Checl skin weight to avoid such behaviour, and any see-through (see image)

**Male Southwestern Traditional **:

  • good to go!

Daily Thobe #2 :

  • Same as *Daily Thobe #1 (image)

Formal Thobe:

  • It is not possible to have posed arms, wearable has to follow the character armature for the widest emotes compatibility

Central Traditional Thobe:

  • all good, just check neck skin weight: avoid disconnection from upperbody (image)

Abaya Avatar #1:

  • good to go!

Let me know once you are done!

Hi @fabeeobreen, we’ll get on these right now! Thanks for being so quick and thorough :slight_smile:

For the formal, the arms have to be positioned down. This is in accordance with the cultural accuracy of this attire, during it’s limited use in our event, we will ensure that it does not use emotes.

Hey @fabeeobreen, we’ve revised all of the previously mentioned issues!

Female Modest Style:

  • Added additional geometry to the veil for increased flexibility throughout animation range
  • Fixed wrists to avoid clipping

Daily Thobe #1 & #2

  • Added additional geometry to ensure inside of garment isn’t visible during animations that enlarge the two upper bones

Female Central Traditional

  • Adjusted the neck geometry and weighting to avoid front clipping or disconnect during animation ranges

Female Southwestern Traditional

  • Adjusted the neck geometry and weighting to avoid front clipping during animation ranges

Let us know if these changes have been effective, we’re excited to see the collection approved!

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Hello @TerraZero !

Female Central Traditional:

  • good to go

Female Southwestern Traditional

  • good to go

Female Modest Style::

  • Wrist is good! I still see the face veil single sided tho, can you make it visible from both sides?

Daily Thobe #1 & #2:

  • much better! There is a little hole visible in idle mode, see image. Can you add some back geo over there to avoid the hole? see image

Formal Thobe :

  • I totally understand what you say, but it is mandatory that arms and legs are skinned to the base armature. We can’t make exception as long as it would not be fair for creators who faced the same and updated the wearable.


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Hey @fabeeobreen , we’ve gone ahead and fixed the remaining technical issues! Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello @TerraZero ! :slight_smile:

All is good but the Formal Thobe : you need to rig this in t-pose.

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Hi @fabeeobreen, we are speaking with Shibu now about an accommodation for this wearable. Thank you!

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Hey @fabeeobreen, hope all is well! We’ve replaced the Formal Male Attire with a colored Daily Abaya. Are we all good for approval now? Excited to see these in world!

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Collection is approved! @TerraZero :slight_smile: