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TP Climbing Special

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TP Ropes Special

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Skin weights is good! both version
Tris limit is 1500, can you try reducing tris amount to 1500/1700?

Usually the avatar skin tris don’t count. It’s 1040 tris without the arms. Just like if you make a hat and they don’t count the hair tris. Let me know. I can have them work on it but in the past that has been the case with tris. Thanks!

Hello @FrankyNeedles
Polygon limit refers to the whole wearable slot.
Hat limit is 500 but usually people combine it with hair category.
Uploading one hat and hiding hair will allow 1500 tris.

Hey @FrankyNeedles and @fabeeobreen
Is this wearable different from the one in this collection or just a rarity change?

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That’s a good question, wearables seems to be the same

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The TP Climbing Special has emission on the ropes.


Ok! Can you update thumbanil and description so it is much more clear for the end user? @FrankyNeedles

I updated the thumbnail. Gotta ask the client what they want in the description. I just need some clarity on tris count. The other version of these is approved. I’ve always made tops with the understanding that the skin wouldn’t count toward the wearable tris count. Many wearables have been approved with this understanding, for me and Vegas City separately in the past and obviously the recent past. I just want to know what to tell the people who we are contracting to do this work. Thanks.

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Hello @FrankyNeedles you are totally right let me answer:
Technicals limits can be read here: Wearables editor user guide | Decentraland Documentation

Many times we are flexible on those limits based on design quality and very complex shapes.
Skin triangles are included in this count.

You can reduce skin geometry to save some tris without touching the wearable in most cases or simply delete faces that are not visible.
In this specific case @Yannakis accepted your submission so I will do the same for consistency.

For future submission try to stay within 1500/1700 limit

Please update thumb and description and let me know when you are ready for approvation :slight_smile:

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I changed the thumbnail to have a bigger glow on the ropes. The description has been changed as well. Thank you!!

Collection approved! @FrankyNeedles