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Tommy Hilfiger MVFW23

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TH X VH - Trucker Cap

TH - Varsity Jacket

TH - Wavy Stripe Dress

TH - Striped Rugby Shirt

TH X VH - AOP Worker Jacket

TH - Knitted Sweater

TJ Colour Blocked Parka

TJ Colour Blocked Jacket and Sh

TH X VH - AOP Ski Mask

hey ill check this now

could you start by sending an email to with proof of rights to use the tommy hilfiger IP?

The collection has been assigned to Sango

Theres a slight gap between the forehead and the cap


The tops need to have a female version due as the point where the lowerbody and upperbody parts meet is different on the male and female avatar. at the moment they are clipping


the cricket jumper and the TJ colour blocked parker clip when running


Please also add lowerbody to the hide list on the Wavy stripe dress

The waistline weighting needs addressing on the male TH X VH - AOP Worker Jacket

Could you add facial hair to the hide list for the ski mask?

@Sango hello, we updated all files, and we added gender attributions to simplify the fitting, and also sent the IP legal approval from Tommy to DRESSX to the legal email address you shared.

Thank you for reviewing this :slight_smile:

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Theres still issues with the parka on the female version

did you mean to remove female versions of these that a greyed out?

Hi @Sango how can i add a female glb file to the same product so it fits to both gender?

If not possible, then please let’s just make them Male only?

if you click the item in the collections tab then you can add the representation here

Thanks! I added female file for Parka.

Alls should be good now?

This collection has been approved