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Tommy Hilfiger MVFW23 AI Creator

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TH X @Alexa_nft AI Jacket

TH X @IrinaRaicu AI Coat

I will check collection now!

The collection has been assigned to theankou

please reduce triangle count to 1500 or add some other categories to hiding list

@theankou hello, thanks for feedback, what categories could we hide without arming user experience? And how many to hide please?

for jacket with hood i recommend to add this two categories:

  • hat
  • helmet

otherwise there will be overlaps with other wearables

for jacket without hood:

  • facial_hair

Sorry @theankou i can “hide” or “replace” but i cannot ADD more categories, it only accepts one category at a time.

Any other solution please?

you will need to hide listed categories, add them to hiding “hides” list <—

also, there is a new (actually old) rules update about thumbnails, curators do not accept any thumbnails with logos anymore, only wearables should be shown on thumbnails, anything else should be removed

Noted. @theankou

We updated the submissions, added the hidden parts, and changed the thumbnails.

Let me know if it is good to go now please!

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collection approved!