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To The Moon…

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To The Moon…

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Hi! I will check collection in 30 minutes

The collection has been assigned to theankou

Sorry, but we don’t approve collections like this anymore :frowning:
Wearable should have normal legs with weight painting, things like that or flying ships / cars are not approvable anymore :pensive:

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Thats a shame…I had a sneaky feeling…

Well…forever it will stay in test network I suppose…

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You can update and change model to anything else, you don’t need to pay fees again, just reupload new GLB for current collection :slight_smile:

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thanks for letting me know…

on it!!

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hey there @theankou,

hope youre good. I have attempted another GLB model for this collection, I decided to change the category to skin…is this possible?.. I also cant seem to push changes? is there something else I need to do? I have uploaded new model and image.

Thank you

sorry, but i cant approve your collection, model should follow humanoid shape and have legs and arms :frowning:

hi there.

thank you for your response.

I have an updated model with hand and feet representations…but I am still not able to ‘push changes’ it says it is still under review?

How can I submit the new updated model?

Thank you

I think you had to wait some time before transaction will be done, can you try again please? Push changes should work now

Hey there,

I have just visited and I still can not ‘push changes’. still ‘under review’

is this the last version that you uploaded?

yes this is the one.

stars for hands and feet and one star for the head? does this work?

i will ask recommendation from other curators, because i’m not sure that your wearable (and several from other publishers) follows humanoid shape rule

got an answer from team, yeah, cant approve your wearable because it doesn’t follow humanoid shape
as you may noted on market there are several wearables that don’t follow that rule, but they were approved because of accident, or before we got this rule :frowning: sorry, but the best way will be to do humanoid shape model

ok cool…

then i’ll have to find another way.

thank you