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Tiny Fly Kingdom

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Tiny Fly


Interesting wearable, don’t think I have seen anything like this before.

I had other wearables lined up for publish but couldn’t resist myself😅

this is so cool XD tiny lil fly army!

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Now this guy gets it!

Updated description to: "Become A Fly! Tiny Fly Accessories Coming! [full avatar]

Love this little fly!
Please update hides: hat, hair, facial hair, earring, eyewear, tiara, helmet

Let me know when that’s updated and I’ll review. Thank you for your patience!

Hi, updated to hide everything. Thank you!

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Give it a minute and it should be approved! Thanks for your patience, so excited to see the little fly around!

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Amazing news! Thank you!


Hi, just updated my icon image. Model is the same. Can I get an approval please!


That should be updated shortly, updated thumbnail after approval just wont be updated on things like opensea due to it being minted onto the blockchain! Thank you~

Thanks! Do you have any idea why my account is reading zero mana? I sold quite a few flies and it was fine last night. its read zero for about an hour now since ive noticed

Might just be a glitch, if you check your polygon.wallet then you will see a true value in your wallet!

It turns out someone drained my account last night while I was asleep so I lost the 260 mana I made yesterday

OH NOOOOO! HOW!? I’m so sorry~

I have no idea :frowning: there’s a transaction on polygonscan at 5am this morning. I made 260 and lost 260 in one day. Pretty discouraging