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Tiny Fly King

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Tiny Fly King


This is so funny, I’ll review now~

This is super close to approval, currently the wings are quite large and combined with teh staff/pin it’s I think going to be disruptive to other players. Can you reduce the size of both and let me know and I’ll re-review!

Thank you~

@michi I reduced the size of the wings and the pin to 70%~ original size. Thanks!

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Still looking a little bit big, currently the depth with the staff + wings is about 2.2m and the limitation is 1.4 m. Can you angle the wings down and change the angle of the staff?

Let me know~

And just for transparency I’ve angled the arm slightly and not straight out just so I can get an idea of how large it is when using an emote~

Yea I figured. Thanks for the clarification! The wings are now just barreellyy over the bounding box and I turned the pin sideways so it should face more sideways during animations. I hope this works! If not, Ill reduce the pin size drastically and we’ll get this done. Thanks for your patience!

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The pin was clipping too much so I went ahead and made it smaller

This is actually so much better! Such a small change made a massive difference ~
Less stabby and more sceptre, all approved. Thank you!

Right?? Thanks again!

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