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This Little Piggy

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This Little Piggy


Hey Mamatang! You may want to check the location and weighting of the neck vertices on both representations. Please reconfirm that the wearable submitted is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and you accept those terms. Thanks!

Thanks for your feedback @Kat. I have checked the model and made some adjustments. Please check again? I can also confirm that the wearable is in full compliance with Decentraland’s Content Policy and Terms of Use and I accept the terms. Thank you!

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Hi @Kat - Can I make a request for changes? I have now changed the texture so that it is the same as the chosen skin color. I have removed from the marketplace for now.

Hello @Kat @vrglitch? This has been approved but I am hoping you will allow me to change the Pig Head texture so that it takes on the player’s chosen skin color. This would be a big improvement because the user can wear it seamlessly with all other wearables . Thanks!

Looks good like this but it isn’t possible to modify the items in a collection once they’ve been approved and minted.

Item’s files can be modified, but the collection needs to be rejected by a committee member first, so the creator con upload new files, and then a committee member can approve it again. What cannot be changed is the rarity of an item already published.

That’s great news thank you @sabe! @Kat can you or another comittee member please reject this so I can upload the new files? Nothing has changed except the name of the texture, rarity does not need to be changed.

Thanks Sabe! The collection has been rejected please tag Shibu, VRglitch or I when it’s been updated and ready for review.

@Kat, @vrglitch and @Shibu - I have updated this wearable and it is ready for review again, thank you so much! And big thank you again to @sabe

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Hey guys - the wearable has now been updated, please review for approval? Thanks !! @kat or @vrglitch or @Shibu

Hi guys - can someone please take a look at this one for review? It has already been approved - just trying to get it back in game after a small change. @Kat, @Shibu thanks!

Ready! Collection approved. Thank you

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