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Taking a look at these now!

Hey I noticed a couple of issues here.

  1. Items categories are misleading. Please add a main asset for the categories. For example for the pistol in eyewear also add an eyewear as a main asset and display it on at least 50% of the thumbnail.
  2. There are some normal issues on the boots and also its clipping with the pants so making them bigger might solve the issue.
  3. You should align the waist line for male and female upper and lower bodies to avoid the clipping issues shown in the pictures.


Hey … thx for the Fast Feedback … working with the team to fix the issues asap … have a nice day @Yannakis

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Awesome, you too! Looking forward!

Hey @Yannakis we already made somechanges … the are having issue with the first point … there’s some documentation to do this?

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I don’t think its in the documentation just yet but basically what youd have to do is for example with the sword, since its in the tiara category, you also have to add a tiara so the category isnt misleading. Also wearables have to be 1500 tris or less and accessories have to be under 500 tris